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Community Engagement & Public Outreach

The GPCOG planning team can facilitate public design charrettes to engage a community in important urban design and planning projects. Including stakeholders in the design process allows for the development of alternative concepts and revisions until a shared community vision for an implementable plan appears.

Statekholder Identification & Recruitment 

The GPCOG planning team can help communities in preparing for a collaborative planning project by finding, and if necessary, recruiting, potential stakeholders to participate in said project. Depending on the nature of the project, potential stakeholders include residents with a shared economic, geographic, or social characteristic such as landowners in a neighborhood, downtown renters, public transportation users, etc.; special interest groups such as a chamber of commerce or environmental group; representatives from state agencies, volunteer boards, committees, or commissions, school districts, etc.; and state and/or locally elected officials. GPCOG’s participation in stakeholder identification can reduce a perception of bias in selection and ensure that sufficient knowledge and expertise exists within the group.



The planning team can help communities in the development and analysis of surveys, analog or digital, to gather information and quantitative data to provide guidance in the planning process. Surveys are useful in reaching out to residents who a community may unintentionally exclude or those who do not involve themselves in community planning.



Establishing a community vision is one of the most important steps in long-term planning projects such as comprehensive plans. A clear vision can guide later plans, policies, and decisions to achieve shared community goals. The planning team can help communities in the visioning process, including public outreach, meeting facilitation, and the identification of shared community values.

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